Traditional Wood Carving by Hank Chiappetta


Hand Carved Fireplace Mantels, Tables. and even Dugout Boats. I take lot of time to carve my larger works. All my works are carved by hand. They are hand carved in hard woods the old way, with mallet and chisel. Willie Smyth Washington. Art counsel said, “Your work is very impressive and the websites are well done. We recognize wood carving and wood sculpture as a valuable folk art that represents use of Natural materials from our state. I look forward to sharing your websites with others.”

I think that the northwest is my pallet. The leaves and the trees they hang on, the mountains and the rivers, the sky at sunset. The fish and the bears, the birds that grip the clouds between the sun and the earth; the spirits the of the forest and legends.

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Who is Hank Chiappetta?

Like his hardwoods, Hank Chippetta has stood the tests of time.  Self taught he creates beautiful pieces of art from hardwoods for your home.   He chooses each hardwood carefully.  Each piece is a celebration of life and spirit and will be treasured by generations to come.

Working with an artist like Hank to form a wonderful piece of your own design is satisfying and rewarding.  You may choose from many finished pieces from Hank’s collection.

Thank you again for visiting my site,  Hank Chippetta

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I must sella sea hawks staff for seattle to win ...

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Wood Sculpture

December 2, 2016, 5:00pm - December 2, 2016, 11:00pm

1st Friday Bozzi Gallery

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I have walking staff's four are new to this year. They are black walnut and hard rock maple . Three of them are Seattle Seahawks 12th man staffs one of a kind three of them are mythical half staff that our card to the bottom the same length as the other in the Seahawks collections
$1,600 each

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Half staff. Book worm and the school of fish , black walnut. Half staff. Hand carved no power tools

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Seattle 12th man walking staffs in hard rock Maple carved with a mallet and chisel no power assist or power tools .Over 5 feet tall a fan with the football the Seattle Smith Tower Seattle carved into it leaves flowers one of a kind $1,600 ...

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